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Everyone needs someone who is committed to inclusion on their team.  

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As we continue to recognise the incredible achievements of individuals who have made significant contributions to both the Black community and society at large, I proudly introduce you to Lauren Estwick, an excellent mentee, and a progressive new age inclusive leader in the sports industry.

From the very first encounter with Lauren, she was part of the Sports Industry Groups outstanding NextGen young leaders’ development program, it was evident that she possessed an unwavering commitment to making a positive difference wherever she could.

Her journey, from her formative years at university to her pivotal role within the sports industry, has been remarkable. She’s worked on powerful campaigns like ‘Swim Proud’ to make swimming more inclusive for Black adults and children, and recently launched a Women’s Leadership Network.

She’s experienced first-hand the beauty of inclusion as she worked overseas in Australia early in her career, and just recently backpacked in Malaysia and Indonesia. She’s one of the most inclusive people I know. Emboldened by her experiences as a proud woman of colour, she shows an unwavering dedication to recognizing women’s work and makes sure the next generation of talent finds a way through the industry.

Setting an example in leadership is never easy, but Lauren does it with ease and grace. She lives and breathes ‘collaboration is the new leadership.’ She’s known for a long time that she’s wanted to work in leadership, her motivation rooted in the desire to make the workplace more inclusive for everyone.

Everyone needs someone like Lauren on their leadership team; someone who has a genuine commitment to making inclusion work for everyone – no matter what their background.

Today, she’s leading a new sports team at a major start-up, one of the UK’s fastest growing since the pandemic. They could not have found a better leader. With invaluable expertise and a wealth of experience, Lauren continues her rapid growth and development by accepting tough and exciting career challenges and is a powerful role model for many.

She’s made brave decisions — when opportunity knocks at the door, it’s up to you to make the most of it. Reflecting on her leadership journey, one of her own quotes stands out: “Never miss twice.”

She exemplifies bold leadership in this new age of constant change and innovation. She does not hesitate to take on difficult challenges with sheer optimism, all to build a better place in society for the most underrepresented of people.

In 2024 the sports industry in Europe looks forward to upcoming prestigious events such as the Euro’s, Olympics, and Paralympic Games. I, for one, look forward to seeing what she produces next in the upcoming year.


Thought for the Week: 

Everyone needs someone who is committed to inclusion on their team.  


Top Tips for Becoming an A Player:  

  • Smart leaders capitalise on each individual’s strengths 
  • Many jobs never existed before and can be done by anyone 
  • Collaboration is the new leadership 
  • Everyone deserves to belong 
  • We are better together 

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