"Resilience, master negotiator... Parenthood only betters you for business!"

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In this episode, Aubrey sits down with Barbara Gottardi to ask her about her story which goes from growing up in Italy, to attending university abroad, and ending up working for one of the world’s largest banks, HSBC.

Barbara reflects on how inclusion was at the heart of the best (and the worst) of her working experiences with her teams and leaders over a 16-year career in digital transformation.

She also speaks of the rare leadership and management skills someone can find in their personal life, such as parenthood.

In an open and honest conversation about balancing work and family life, Barbara reflects on how parents can gain the confidence to go back to work, and what sort of support they would need.

Uncovering the gems of empathy and allyship, she concludes on the soft-skills that really get everyone through work-life experiences.

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