Will 2024 meet expectations?

Everyone has expectations for the New Year, so we decided to do just that. Our team pulled together our biggest 5 expectations for 2024, let's hope we aren't let down.

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  1. AI’s Next Level

The rise of AI has taken the world by storm and it’s the topic of almost every conversation these days and how can it not be? ChatGPT has 180million users alone, by far the biggest AI tool, but certainly not the only one. Businesses are slowly coming round to the ideas of AI usage; the main reason is quite obviously convenience. A tool that does work for you – it’s everyone’s dream! We’ve been careful with how we view AI but overall, it’s either adapt and hop on the bandwagon or be left behind. How can we use AI to our advantage? We believe 2024 is going to be the year where we truly learn just how powerful AI can be – with chatbots or robots, this is the next level for AI.


  1. Academic changes

We’ve already covered the incredible introduction of BSL as a GCSE option, but what does it really mean? Well, our team have spent hours discussing it and we can’t help but hope and believe we may start to see new and changed courses. As well as a change in what employers look for. As the working world becomes more challenging, and talent is in the highest demand it’s probably ever been, the need for experience and skillset is quickly growing. Coinciding with this, many students are losing interest in university which means alternative options are now favoured. Where could we learn the right work skills? School. We’re aware there’s work experience, and many skills are learnt and developed in the office, but as a young team ourselves, we understand just how tough it is earning the job itself.

The basics give students more of an insight into different industries and teaching them the very basics of things like tax, interview skills and work-life will open students’ eyes up to just how much they can achieve – the last thing anyone needs right now is too much pressure. Of course, schools need better funding and attention from our government, but together, students and teachers can make that happen.

Employers have already begun desiring personality and experience; it allows them to throw employees into the deep end. Degrees will always be desired, but for the cost of university fees, the new generation are understanding just how much being in the office helps their career. With understanding of the basics, colleagues coach and develop you into the right person for the team, not just the job. The cliché phrase of ‘It’s about who you know, not what you know.’ Is slowly becoming more apparent.


  1. 4 Day Work week?

We know, we know – every year this is the conversation, or desire for better words. In 2023 it was slowly becoming more common; businesses trialed the 4-day work week and many stuck to it. Now, would it be strictly only working Monday-Thursday? For many, probably not. But the workplace is beginning to take care of their colleagues more and catering to their work-life balance. So rather than just working 4 days, we believe more businesses will adopt working from home on a Friday. It’s almost the perfect option for those not willing to lose a day of work. Since the pandemic, the option of working from home is the biggest expectation for employees, understandably so. Hundreds of industries proved just how possible it is, and the benefits were clear to see – considering the cost of living, it saves people money, can aid their mental health, and gives them a healthy balance.

Taking all of that into consideration, 2024 could now be the time where a work dream becomes a reality.

  1. The end of the Tory Story

Hard to ignore, and hard not to be hopeful for – the UK general election is set to take place in the later stages of the year. You’ll probably notice, in our other expectations, there are still barriers, many of which are a result of a poor run by the Conservative government. Rishi Sunak himself, a man who was not voted into power, has said ‘The only one that matters is the general election.’ When discussing polls about the government. Quite frankly, it almost tells us he is worried and proves the point of him not caring. A common occurrence from the Tories…

We try to give balanced arguments in our articles, doing what’s best for inclusion. But we’d be lying if we said we weren’t hoping to say ‘bye bye’ to Sunak and his party. What we hope for 2024 is change, and most of the change will come from the biggest of them all – a new political leader.

  1. The beginning of something big

Now this is our personal one. In-house we have many exciting plans and projects to roll out in 2024, our expectation is growth and change. The heavy focus is bringing inclusion to the forefront of people’s minds and lives. But we can’t do it alone. The beginning of something big applies to everyone – whatever the industry and whatever the role, 2024 is the year to start now.

Maybe it’s the buzz of new year’s resolutions, but we’ve got a good feeling about 2024 – it’s time to make a change.

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