We find true leaders in times of crisis.

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A record-breaking weekend for cinema saw many come together for the most anticipated films of the year and sales rocketed like we’ve never seen since 2019. Whether looking for classic edge of the seat cinema in Oppenheimer, or the feel-good entertainment of Barbie, this has been part of a truly groundbreaking moment of both difference and togetherness, globally. With the releases of the respected films, there was so much more to them being two great watches.

The timing was everything, and the directors certainly delivered. It was about time we saw the world cheer up, with so much negativity in serious societal issues like the cost of living and political warfare, we all needed something to look forward to.

There’s always a right time to take bold action and there was no better time than now to release a double launch that caters for many different tastes. There were families and friends of all ages, ethnicities and personalities piling in to add to the record setting global sales of $337m for Barbie and $174.2m for Oppenheimer in the opening weekend. A quarter of all sales were booked in to see both.

Reaching these heights is something that every business and industry dreams of and it can be so hard to cater for everyone when you are doing it alone, which is why Christopher Nolan and Greta Gerwig needed each other. The directors and actors embraced one another and the arduous work they had put in, accepting that there was almost guaranteed success for both parties.

Greta Gerwig has set an extremely high standard as she made history with the biggest box office opening for a female director, something that amplifies the need to speak to your audience and showcase inclusion in a way that cannot be ignored. Industries jumped on the trend of pink branding from Xbox consoles looking like dreamhouses, to a real life dreamhouse Airbnb listing, it wasn’t only Hollywood looking to gain a new audience.

The media’s buildup made it feel like a competition between the two films, you’d be wearing pink for one, and dressed in black for the other, when the reality was that it landed as a partnership in the film industry as they had people going from one screen to another to enjoy both.

There’s a path that only cinema can reach which streaming services cannot match – the authentic enjoyment of grabbing popcorn and drinks, surrounded by every demographic coming together to enjoy the same thing. To make this possible, the respective films cut no corners with their cast – they each chose the right people to exceed everybody’s expectations and bridge so many gaps in our society today, which can only be described as a lesson for every business to learn from.

Choose the right people for the job and positively acknowledge everybody’s role in a team.

It hasn’t been a secret that Hollywood has been under pressure to become more inclusive off screen. The casting and production have continuously become more inclusive, allowing everyone to watch someone who represents them, but there is still work to do behind the scenes as seen by the recent strikes.

Despite the positive outcome from this weekend, it now leaves Hollywood questioning if they will have the right people to make this a consistent possibility if they’re losing their colleagues off screen. Everyone plays a part in a business’ success, it’s time that they are all seen and heard.

There was global domination and it’s something not seen for a long time before. There were bold standards set for everyone to use as an example of how to market, include and exceed expectations by using the right strategies and people.

It’s been a strong reminder to include the people you want to attend.


Thought for the week:

We find true leaders in times of crisis.


Top tips for becoming an A player:

  • The prize will come – and much faster if we work together.
  • By refusing to give up on each other, we got through the toughest days.
  • You never know who really needs you – until you ask who needs help.
  • The really tough days make you stronger.
  • We celebrate difference and cherish inclusion.

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