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Your Voice Matters: Local Elections

How to get more involved in politics

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Today, May 4th, is the opportunity to vote in the local elections across England which will shake up the councils. Every vote is a vote for the future people want to see. Everyone has the opportunity to have a say on what they want their local town to look like in the next few years, how much their council tax will amount to, and what initiatives will get council funding.


You must now take ID to the polling station!


Why are they important to you?

Local elections are one of the major ways citizens can get involved in the politics of the country directly. Voting for a certain politician is a powerful statement of how you feel toward a party.

Voting also keeps politicians accountable. It reminds them that they work for you, and that they should have your best interests in mind to keep your vote, which then keeps them in office.

These elections lead to the outcomes which will most directly affect your daily life.

Councils vote on decisions like deciding which buildings should be renovated, where new houses should be built, how the council tax should be used, which sustainable initiatives should be funded, and what reparations need to be dealt with (like potholes). The council affects everything!


We can feel disconnected to national politics, but local elections are about the community.

Do you want to be more involved with politics? Here’s where to turn:

  • Start small: read the news or listen to political podcasts.
  • Our favorite podcasts include: Novara Live, The Rest is Politics, The Guardian’s Politics Weekly UK, Political Thinking with Nick Robinson, and The Economist Asks.
  • You can join a political party at the local or national level!
  • You can write to your local council or MP by email, call their office, or attend their public meetings.
  • Consider donating to a party online or by mail.
  • Look at petitions, they signal to MPs and councils what’s important to the locals.
  • You can even tune in to parliamentary debates.
  • You can also find a track record of MPs at theyworkforyou.com.


Getting more involved in politics does not have to be a daunting task, you just need to take the right first step. Getting more informed and voting will set you on the right path.

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