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The Winning Edge: Committing To Culture

How to get on board with a winning culture.

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Do you want to be part of a winning culture? Then commit to it.

But, how?

When you walk into an organisation, only a particular set of factors set it apart from the others as a winning culture. There is a certain attitude and way of getting things done which a team abides by, even when the boss is not around.

You realise there is a particular type of dedication that drives the organisation. No one is working for themselves, but for a purpose — a bigger picture. To connect with that culture, you have to set the bar high in valuing the right attitude and hard work. Definitely do not underestimate the power of the engine that you are a part of, which keeps the organisation running.


Team building: What do you want them to do? What do you want them to feel?

When you walk through the doors of that organization, four things should be at the front of your mind:

  • You offer support for everyone, not just for yourself or your section.
  • Be vulnerable and true to your identity to give way to a feeling of belonging.
  • Speak to the whole person when connecting with your team, not just the work field.
  • Speak the truth and honesty for future team relationships to be solidly built on trust.

It can be tricky to overcome the idea of walking into a brand-new culture or even trying to change one you have been a part of for years. Change can start with anyone.

Try asking yourself: how can I connect with the team authentically? Because you are not a culture-fit, but a culture add.

You will work harder for your team when they feel more like a family than simply just your colleagues.

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