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Breaking Through The Noise: News And Opinions

5 steps to find reliable news and shape your own view.

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Today, it’s so easy to be angry, or frustrated, at the news (it’s also called mainstream media).


Why is there so much negative news?

There was actually a time when the news had our best interests in mind: helping us understand the world, providing us with accurate information, and helping us come up with our own opinions.

That’s not the reality anymore.

The people behind mainstream news actually want to sell us to advertisement agencies. They pay them for our attention. It’s known as the “attention economy” or “click-bait media”.


Be conscious of how news influences you 

Lots of people admit that they do not trust the news. Understandable!

But those people still decide to wear an outfit based on the news’s weather report. They still might buy a certain product because it was featured. They might still base their vote on what the news told them about different candidates. They probably still have an opinion on how they want their taxes to be spent — that information came from somewhere.

Everyone needs accurate information to keep them going every day. We should be able to trust it.


How you can find trustworthy information:

  • Distinguish between news and journalism

Journalism explains things at greater length. It takes time to understand multiple perspectives to then provide you with more informative stories.

The news simply presents the information to you. Recently there’s been a trend toward short-form content: you cannot understand something in less than a minute. You simply will not have the whole picture.

  • Opt for facts and context over opinions

You will not be able to know what you actually think without the facts and the context.

  • Get out of your echo chamber — seek diverse political thought

Be conscious of what people who disagree with you are saying. Be genuinely curious. This can lead to more balanced reporting.

If the demand wants inclusion, the news supply will follow.

  • Go Global

Consider news from different countries to see how a topic is seen from a different perspective.

  • Buy your own news

If you can, pay for the news. Paid newspapers or paid subscription-based news outlets will offer you much more trustworthy content and better information. If you are giving them money, it’s worth a lot more than simply your attention.

  • Look for alternative media

In the online space, there are several alternative news outlets covering a variety of topics. You can find out analysis of them here.


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