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Taking A Stand Together: Junior Doctors Strike For Better Care

4 ways the government is failing our future doctors and NHS.

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Thousands of junior doctors are taking part in a 96-hour walkout in a strike for better pay and working conditions.

Here’s what you need to know about the strike and why your support is vital!


Why are they on strike?

  • They want wage increases (the starting salary for a junior doctor is £29,384 which is at least £10,000 less than in other Western countries).
  • They want better working conditions with the right amount of support for more staff, especially those who experience burnout.
  • They also want better staffing levels, which are currently too low.
  • Finally, they want more resources especially to train junior doctors in specialized areas of care.


“You’re contracted to work an average of 48 hours a week but there was not a single week like that, my average was at least 60 hours. Those 12 extra hours were unpaid!”


Why would better pay and working conditions benefit the NHS?

  • Better pay would incentivize young people to become doctors!
  • Supporting staff and preventing burnout would stop junior doctors from leaving the NHS.
  • Supporting them would also improve patient care in the long run.


Why is public support necessary?

Solidarity is vitally important in times of protest, especially when the government is reluctant to give in to the junior doctors’ requests.

Striking means losing out on a paycheck, which is a scary prospect for all. You can show your support by donating to the following fund to help junior doctors here.

The UK government has been trying to reduce its public spending for years hence the pay for junior doctors has not risen. However, with the cost of living crisis, economic inequalities have exploded across the country. We believe that these strikes are another show of strength against the weaknesses of the UK government failing to paper over the cracks of its mismanaged economy.

A lack of leadership in the most testing of times.

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