Amplifying Emerging Voices: The Urban Journal’s Mission

A new platform to keep an eye out for!

The traditional media industry is becoming stale, with companies repeating the same ideas and perspectives without offering anything new or unique. In this industry, underrepresented voices often find it challenging to break through, leaving many stories untold and perspectives unheard.


The Urban Journal.

Creating platforms for these voices is becoming increasingly important; that’s why we need media spaces like The Urban Journal. Their purpose is a breath of fresh air, bringing much-needed diversity and originality to the industry.

Here at Belong, we’re proud to work alongside other media platforms that share our commitment to elevating diverse voices and advancing stories of inclusion. It’s essential that we work together towards a more equitable and representative media landscape, and we’re thrilled to see The Urban Journal doing their part to make that a reality.

Amplifying emerging Black voices.

The Urban Journal has a simple mission: to amplify the emerging – and in particular, Black – voices of business, style and culture. They are working hard to build the perfect lifestyle brand for the millennial.

From passionate words on Marcus Rashford to the best businesses to buy from, The Urban Journal have created a space to showcase the side to culture you aren’t able to read about in the mainstream press.

The Urban Journal doesn’t just reflect culture; it engages with it. They stay ahead of the curve, covering emerging trends in lifestyle, wellness, sustainability, and activism. Take their feature on “Burniture”, a collective providing sustainable alternatives to the ‘fast furniture’ industry, or their coverage of how Mercedes F1 supported Lewis Hamilton’s fight against racism by turning their car livery black.

Their approach is unique, in that they’re not just following trends, but they’re actively contributing to them.

They have also highlighted the ways in which the UK chart system fails to showcase new talent and feature up-and-coming artists like British RnB girl group FLO.

The Urban Journal’s coverage of sportspeople like Paul Pogba and Beno Obano also highlights their commitment to amplifying diverse voices and experiences in the sports industry.

To stay up to date with emerging, and future leading, voices in business, style, and culture, you won’t find a better media platform than The Urban Journal.

By amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities and covering emerging trends, they’re leading the charge towards a more inclusive and equitable future.

But they can’t do it alone. As a reader, it’s up to you to support and engage with their mission.

Sign up for their newsletter, follow them on Twitter and Instagram, and share their content with your friends and family.

By doing so, we can work together to drive real change in the media industry and ensure that all voices are heard.

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