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On The Bright Side: Our Must-Follow Climate Sources

Creators and projects to watch right now.

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For many of us, David Attenborough’s documentaries were our first experience of watching the effects of climate change on our beautiful planet.

Do you want to take one step further?


Here are 3 independent creators which you can use to keep up with climate news and projects happening right now: 

  • SeaLegacy: home to photographs and solutions for the climate crisis, particularly focusing on wildlife.
  • Earthly Education, an NGO posting weekly positive climate news stories, especially on geo-engineering breakthroughs.
  • Climate in Colour, posting accessible and diverse climate conversations.


Here are the following projects we’ve come across which are helping tackle the climate crisis:

  • The Ocean Cleanup, developing and scaling technologies to rid the oceans of plastic.
  • Bubble Barriers, creating systems to remove plastic from waterways
  • Sea Forester, replanting seaweeds to capture carbon.
  • Coral Gardeners, replanting corals in French Polynesia.
  • Kheyti, creating new sustainable farms protected from the effects of climate.

For a spotlight look at climate change, read our full article here.

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