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18 Things I Wish I Knew Earlier On Exploring And Confronting Racism

How-to's and 15-minute TED Talks to consider.

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When it comes to calling out racism, for many of us, it’s a step out of our comfort zone.

How should we go about it?


If you’ve witnessed injustice:

  • Welcome that tense feeling inside of you. Wonder where it’s coming from.
  • Have the difficult conversations.


Take the right actions:

  • Stand up for others.
  • Find an ally in the room.
  • Check on the person who was discriminated against.
  • Sometimes, just shut up, listen, and believe the story.


Have you thought about these?

  • Don’t shush children when they ask about difference.
  • Recognize that differences make us great.
  • Race conversations involve everyone.
  • White people deflect the conversation to stay innocent of bias, but Black people are always treated as guilty first in society.


Insightful 15-minute TED Talks to watch: 

TEDxBemidji: facing Racism: What You Can Do to Fight Injustice:

  • As white people, we should not be afraid of confronting racism.
  • Doing the right thing should not be a choice.
  • Silence in times of injustice is still injustice.
  • You never really know who else might be an ally until you engage them.


TEDxSeattle: what white people can do to move race conversations forward:

  • How to work on your bias and become an ally.
  • Stop talking about race in universal ways.
  • Race conversations have to embrace the group/collective approach.
  • Colorblind thinking comes from a good place, but its counter-productive.

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